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Kim Jong Un North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, spotted with rumored lover, former pop star Hyon Song-wol, igniting speculation about their alleged affair and its impact on the country's political landscape. Retired spymaster unveils details of Kim Jong Un's rumored love child with Hyon Song-wol, shedding light on the secretive leader's personal life and sparking intrigue worldwide
2 days ago
Kenneth Knotts Kenneth Knotts, 41, tragically died in police custody at a Dallas hospital in 2022, as revealed by disturbing bodycam footage. Despite pleas of "I can't breathe," he was denied water and restrained by multiple officers. The incident occurred after Knotts, taken for a mental health evaluation following a traffic stop, accurately predicted his own death.
3 days ago
Al Qaeda Terrorists Seven convicted terrorists associated with 'dirty bomber' mastermind Dhiren Barot have been released, raising concerns over public safety in the UK. Despite their integral roles in Barot's terror plots, including Mohammed Naveed Bhatti, Junade Feroze, and Abdul Aziz Jalil, who served 26 years, their release prompts scrutiny of parole decisions and monitoring protocols.
8 days ago
child physical abuse suggestive pic A father alleges his 11-year-old son was branded without consent at Ashtalakshmi Temple, Texas, leading to a lawsuit seeking over $1 million in damages. The incident, involving a hot iron rod, occurred during a cultural event in Aug. 2023. The boy's father, Vijay Cheruvu, expresses shock and concern, emphasizing the lasting physical and emotional trauma inflicted
9 days ago