The International Business Times offers syndication to media companies of all types: print, broadcast, cable, and web-based, around the world. We also offer services and premium products to corporations, businesses, NGOs and others.

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Information for Newspaper and online syndication partners

The International Business Times offers a truly international news service to readers around the globe. Our global editorial team of over 200 staff provides in-depth reporting and analysis on international business, energy, technology, health, environmental issues and a host of other specialties.

Your newspaper / website can take advantage of our strong international editorial presence through our syndication program.

Contact a representative to discuss creating a customized news feed for your business that features:

  • In-depth pieces;
  • Multimedia context for major stories and regional events;
  • Customizable content box with links on your website;
  • Ability to build custom pages for local immigrant / ethnic audiences using international content from our country and regional pages;

Why is The International Business Times different?

The International Business Times is the largest international news organization to launch exclusively on the web. With headquarters in New York, an outstanding team of editors and correspondents around the globe, IBTimes has the resources to offer critical business news coverage. IBTimes strives to maintain strong editorial ethics and focuses on informative and fine storytelling, in an all-electronic, multimedia environment.

Syndication Partners

As a syndication partner you will have access to IBTimes.com content and the right to publish it on your site. Use as much or little as you see fit: International Business Times requires no "story counts" or per-use fees.

Syndication partners can request custom stories for their market to IBTimes correspondents at preferred rates.

Syndication is a fee-based service. Contact a Syndication Representative for a custom quote.