Videos capture DEAFENING explosion at chemical plant in Texas

The explosion took place at the TPC plant, situated at Port Neches in Texas

Massive explosions were heard in a chemical plant in Texas in the early hours of Wednesday. Videos that have emerged show the explosion, followed by fire blazing, turning the sky orange. The explosion took place at the TPC plant, situated at Port Neches in Texas. The first explosion at about 1:00 a.m. (Local Time) on Wednesday, was followed by a series of other explosions.

TPC plant makes products for chemical and petroleum companies and can produce more than 900 million pounds (408,233 metric tons) of chemicals, according to the company's website. Several videos have emerged, capturing the exact instant of explosion, shattering windows of nearby windows. Massive fire and multiple explosions can be seen in these videos.

Eddie Ramirez/Facebook

2 workers injured

According to early reports, two workers at the TPC plant have been injured. Crystal Holmes, Captain at the Jefferson County Sheriff's office, said they were "able to pull two injured employees out" and take them to local hospitals for assistance, adding there could be more injuries, Reuters reported.

The reason for the explosion is yet unknown. Half a mile radius evacuation has been ordered, Holmes informed. "There is search and rescue inside the plant but there is also damage to nearby homes so we'll be going door-to-door checking on these people and their homes", she added.

The explosion was reportedly felt as far as 48 km radius. The blast, followed by multiple blasts, led to fire on the site, which the firefighters have been fighting to contain.

TPC Plant said on its website that it is "committed to safely making these products in a manner that is protective of our environment and respectful of the communities where we have operations". The plant is situated at Port Neches, some 100km to the north of Houston.