[Fan Review] #ObsessedwithExo: K-pop boy band breaks Internet with new album launch

South Korean boy band, EXO took the Internet by storm soon after the online release of the band's sixth full-length album 'Obsession.'

The K-pop band announced the release of the album with a teaser video clip on November 27, 12:00 PM KST (November 26, 7:00 PM PST). It was followed by a full album released announcement at 6:00 PM KST ( November 27,1 am PST).

On Twitter, the teaser clip went viral and hashtag #OBSESSEDwithEXO became a worldwide trend.

The band which made a comeback almost after a year had earlier scheduled a press event for the album release on November 27 at 11 AM KST. [Read: EXO cancels press show for 'Obsession' launch; group to appear on 'Ask Us Anything']

EXO members due to the sudden and tragic death of K-pop diva Goo Hara decided to cancel the event.

The album contains ten tracks, including a Chinese version of "Obsession." Groove, Trouble, Ya Ya Ya, Baby You Are, Jekyll, Non Stop, Day After Day and Butterfly Effect are other tracks in the album.


The visual elements of the album are quite stunning with many fans observing that Obsession has "some of the best visuals out of all EXO MVs."

With its latest experimental album, it won't be an understatement to note that EXO has transcended into a revolutionary group that has been able to not just bring something new but also has pulled off something that has never been done before - the hallmark of true trendsetting kings, an admirer of the band observed on Twitter.

"...Chanyeol rising from the floor like [J]esus ....and then rapping [hard] instead of giving me a chorus is also another cause of death, I'm obsessed, someone call the doctor," another Exo fan said on Reddit.

With its latest release, it remains to be seen what all records the new album will be breaking. Last year, EXO created a record of sorts for selling 10 million albums, a phenomenal feat for a South Korean boy band formed in the 21st century. In 2018, the band also created a record for selling one million copies for five of its albums.

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