UFO Enthusiasts Claim That Aliens Have Always Been On Earth, Hiding Under the Ocean

The claim was made on the testimony of Shirley Wright who had spoken to aliens found at the Roswell crash in 1947

A Ufologist has claimed that aliens are simply humans in their very advanced forms and have actually been living under Earth's oceans for years.

Anna Whitty, who authored the book UFO: A Fundamental Truth, made the claim on the official statement of Dr Shirley Wright, who had interviewed aliens found at the Roswell crash site in 1947.

A former colleague of Albert Einstein, Wright stated that the aliens had inquired about human exploration inside the ocean, they asked "how far into the ocean" have the humans travelled.

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In a documentary on the UFO crash titled, Roswell 75: The Final Evidence, Whitty along with well-known international UFO researcher Philip Mantle, director and producer of The Alien Autopsy (1995) Spyros Melaris and a few other Ufologists have attempted to dissect the entire mysterious incident step by step.

Whitty spoke to the Daily Star, elaborating more on her claim, she said that if whatever Wright had documented through her interview is correct, then it is more believable for the aliens to come from under the sea rather than from another planet.

She further cemented her belief by mentioning a calamity striking the Earth at regular intervals of every few thousand years.

"If what Shirley said is right, it is more likely that aliens come from somewhere under the sea or caves or something like that, rather than another planet, it makes sense, because there's a lot of evidence on the planet that there has been a massive cataclysm every few thousand years," she said.

Aliens Anna Whitty
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Whitty also stated that there is a high chance of the aliens manipulating humans into seeing what is not real. "It's also possible that maybe they aren't beings at all, but they can make you think you're seeing what you're not seeing," she continued.

Roswell 75 features Anna and the other UFO researchers attempting to stitch a reality of the infamous crash with the help of other popular alien invasion theories, The Daily Star reported.

The documentary dives deep into the incident, examining the eyewitness accounts, involvement of the space propaganda by the major powers as well as the several secret projects that were assumed to be covered up with the help of this incident.

When asked about her thoughts on what actually happened behind the scenes, Whitty simply said that it is not exactly possible to determine the truth of the incident.

As per the pattern examined and analyzed by experts what is explicitly clear, is the fact that these extraterrestrial beings have a far better understanding of the universe than humans and they are extremely familiar with how everything works.

The Roswell crash occurred almost 75 years ago but it still is a hot topic among UFO and alien enthusiasts. It is also believed that the crash site and its surroundings were part of a few secret Cold War initiatives and the mysterious incident would have served as a major source of distraction benefiting the US military.

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