Donald Trump Knows Surprising Details about Roswell UFO Incident, But Why Does He Remain Silent?

Many conspiracy theorists believe that an alien spaceship had crashlanded in Roswell in 1947, but the US government covered up the incident

Donald Trump UFO
Donald Trump (Left) Representational Image (Right) YouTube/Pixabay

The notorious Roswell UFO incident is widely considered one of the most mysterious events ever recorded in human history. Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the flying object that crashed in Roswell in June 1947 is an alien spacecraft from deep space. However, the US government had claimed that the flying object that crash-landed on Roswell is an Air Force balloon. Now, in a Father's Day-themed interview, United States President Donald Trump has revealed that he knows some interesting things about the alleged UFO incident.

Donald Trump's Knowledge about Roswell UFO Incident

Trump made the comments in the interview with his son Don Trump Junior on his official YouTube channel. During the interview, Don Jr asked Donald Trump about the Roswell UFO incident. The president replied that he would not reveal what he knows about the event that took place more than 73 years ago.

"There are millions and millions of people that want to go there, want to see it. I won't talk to you about what I know about it, but it's very interesting. Roswell is a very interesting place with a lot of people that would like to know what's going on," said Trump.

Donald Trump also did not make it clear whether his government will declassify the information about aliens.

Donald Trump's Views on Aliens and UFO

As many Americans urge the government to disclose facts about aliens and UFO, Donald Trump had previously revealed that he did not believe in UFOs. A few months back, when an ABC reporter sought Trump's view on UFOs, he raised his eyebrows and expressed skepticism.

"I want them to think whatever they think. I did have one very brief meeting on it. But people are saying they're seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particular," Trump told ABC.

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