Was Marilyn Monore Killed by CIA for Knowing Alien Secrets?

Conspiracy theorists claim that Marilyn Monroe was aware of several secrets surrounding the alleged alien UFO crash that happened in Roswell.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe A picture clicked by Sam Shaw

Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe was an iconic sex symbol in the 1950s, and she was mysteriously found dead in her Los Angeles home on August 5, 1962, from an overdose. Shockingly, investigation officers failed to find a suicide note from her house, and it made many believe that the actress was actually murdered.

Was Marilyn Monore Murdered by the CIA?

Marilyn Monroe allegedly had a romantic affair with President John F Kennedy, and both of them shared several intimate moments together. Even though both of them had engaged in casual sexual encounters, there is no evidence that points to the fact that their relationship was serious.

Due to her close association with JFK, Marilyn Monroe was also aware of secrets surrounding the Roswell incident, which many people believe the first contact of humans with aliens. In the 2017 documentary Unacknowledged, Dr Steven Greer claimed to have been given a confidential wiretap summary of a phone conversation between Marilyn Monroe and former Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Interestingly, this telephone call was apparently made just two days before the death of Monroe.

During those times, Marilyn Monroe was also having an affair with RFK, and government officials were tapping her phone to make sure that the actress is not revealing any secrets. In the documentary, Greer revealed that Monroe had visited a secret airbase for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space. According to Greer, the thing from outer space was not a meteorite, but it could have some alien connection.

Greer argues that Monroe was murdered by the CIA, as she was readying to divulge details surrounding the Roswell UFO crash.

"It was a tragic situation because she was an actress who didn't understand the national security state and the viciousness of those who want to keep these sorts of secrets," said Greer.

Communist Conspiracy Behind Monroe's Death

In 1964, anti-communist activist Frank A. Capell's self-published pamphlet 'The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe' alleged that a communist conspiracy is there behind the mysterious death of the actress.

According to Capell, Marilyn Monroe and RFK were in a romantic relationship, and she had threatened to cause a scandal. RFK later ordered her to be assassinated to protect his career.