Mysterious footage shows alien wreckage from Roswell UFO crash site

Several people claimed to have seen aliens being dragged out from the UFO crash site at Roswell.


A report has recently surfaced which says that a mysterious craft had crashed at the Roswell city in New Mexico, US and it had created quite a frenzy among the alien hunters. While the military at that time had insisted that it was just a weather balloon, conspiracy theorists believe that more than one aliens were recovered from that spacecraft. Now, one of the theorists has unearthed a video recently that points fingers at certain extraterrestrial technology.

In the video, a mysterious person is shown holding up metal plates, which seem to have handprints with six fingers in it. The metals also appear to have strange symbols carved into it. As per the video, those symbols are Greek letters spelling the word "Eleftheria," which means freedom.

It also states: "Thousands of years ago there was greater technology than today. Everyone was speaking Hellenic (Greek) until the six-fingered Nephilim were born."

As per a report on Daily Star, the Nephilim, which is referred as the "sons of God" in the Bible, allegedly colonized Earth stemmed from Nibiru, the mythical planet.

Earlier this year, more videos of the Roswell UFO crash had emerged and they showed some people dragging an extraterrestrial being from the crash site. Some military personnel and scientists were also seen around the site.

As per the report, a former employee had claimed that the aliens were taken out of the incident site in New Mexico to another military base in Dayton, Ohio.

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Raymond Szymanski, a former employee of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), had said that he was shown a number of tunnels and vaults under the surface, which was the burial site for extraterrestrial lives.

This article was first published on November 24, 2017