Running Man: Song Ji Hyo shows she can eat anything when hungry

Song Ji Hyo not only finished most of Taiwan's local delicacies but also gulped down a dish of foul smelling, probably rotten tofu.

Song Ji-hyo
Actress Song Ji-hyo.

Song Ji-hyo is a very strong member of 'Running Man' and often leads her team to victory owing to her fierce competitiveness. But who knew she was a voracious eater as well? A preview for an upcoming episode of the variety show certainly reveals such a wild side of her.

Website Soompi notes that a sneak preview of the second part of Running Man's global project revealed the foodie in Song Ji-hyo. The actress travelled to Taiwan with her fellow teammates, Haha and new permanent member Yang Se-chan. They were visiting Taiwan markets and enjoying local cuisines. However, Song Ji-hyo seemed like she had an insatiable appetite.

She not only finished most of Taiwan's local delicacies, she also did not hesitate to gulp down a dish of foul smelling, probably rotten tofu, as well as the soup given with it. Her team members reportedly could not believe that she gulped down rotten food.

However, it must be kept in mind that these were tasks that the team members were assigned. It's not for nothing that Ji-hyo is called "Ace" in 'Running Man.' She is known to her fans and Running Man buddies for competing with sincerity and completing tasks that are assigned to her. She also has the most number of solo wins in the show till this date. She is also very brave and courageous, probably that is why she chose to eat that stinking Tofu.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-kook's team, which included Lee Kwang-soo and Jang Do-yeon, had the worst misfortune after they landed on Jeju Island. They had to brave strong winds and rain and overall bad weather. What's more hilarious, and as well as sad, is that they couldn't return to Seoul as all the tickets had been sold. Now they are lagging behind the others.

Recently, Song Ji-hyo opened up about Gary's sudden marriage announcement and wished him a happy life ahead. "I sincerely congratulate him on his marriage and I hope he will live happily," and added, "Your phone number changed, so call me." Song Ji-hyo and Gary Kang had a love-line in SBS's 'Running Man' as the 'Monday Couple' until Gary departed the show to pursue his music career.

The good news, however, is that Running Man's viewership ratings have increased again, from 5.4 percent ratings nationwide on April 16 to 6.4 percent ratings on the April 23 episode.

The next episode of 'Running Man' airs on April 30. K-pop girl group SISTAR's band member Hyorin will be making a guest appearance on 'Running Man' on this episode.

This article was first published on April 29, 2017