Running Man: Song Ji Hyo finally opens up about Gary's marriage

Says all the members were disappointed to have learned about Gary's marriage through the news.

Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang
Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo

Gary's sudden announcement of his marriage was a shock to all, especially because very few of his friends or acquaintances knew about it. None of his 'Running Man' friends had any inkling about Gary's nuptial. Now, Gary's 'Monday Couple' partner on the SBS variety show has revealed her thoughts on his marriage.

Website Soompi noted that 'Running Man' cast members Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, Haha and Ji Suk-jin were attending a fan meeting in Malaysia where they were asked about Gary's marriage announcement on Instagram. Song Ji-hyo said, "All of the members found out about Gary's marriage through the news. There was a bit of disappointment."

Rapper Gary Kang was a favourite member in 'Running Man' and he was especially close to Song Ji-hyo. So, it is understandable that she, as well as the other 'Running Man' members, would feel disappointed with Gary not even informing them about such an important event in his life.

However, Ji-hyo has no ill feelings about her former loveline partner. "I sincerely congratulate him on his marriage and I hope he will live happily," and even added, "Your phone number changed, so call me." The last bit is somewhat troubling. There could be many reasons for Gary changing his phone number. However, in light of Gary's recent activities, like disbanding from his label Leessang, removing his marriage announcement from Instagram, it may seem like he is choosing to cut off ties to his past. Hopefully, that is not the case.

What Haha said about Gary during the Malaysia fan meet was also troubling. "I congratulated him, but I didn't get a reply. Gary is a very eccentric person. [He] will contact us soon. We understand. We love Gary," he said. Gary choosing not to reply to Haha is also strange but the latter is optimistic that Gary will talk with them soon and things will be good again. Following Haha's statement, all 'Running Man' members cheered together, "7012 forever!"

Time will tell whether Gary chooses to make things normal with his friends from a show that they did together for seven long years.

As for another 'Running Man' member, Lee Kwang-soo, things are looking bright. Kwang-soo has been cast in 'The Accidental Detective 2,' a sequel to the 2015 movie, 'The Accidental Detective: The Beginning,' Soompi notes. He will play a new character that did not appear in the first movie. This will also be Kwang-soo's first feature role in about two years. His last movie role was for 'Collective Invention' in 2015.

This article was first published on April 27, 2017