Running Man members including Song Ji Hyo did not know of Gary's marriage: Close friends express shock!

Sources reveal that neither Gary's agency nor his close acquaintances had any knowledge of the rapper's wedding.

Gary_Running Man
Gary Kang and Song Ji-hyo in 'Running Man.'

Rapper Gary Kang's sudden announcement of marriage was shocking in more ways than one. Fans expecting Song Ji-hyo and Gary becoming a real couple were no doubt disappointed. However, Gary's close friends in 'Running man' themselves had no idea that Gary oppa had tied the knot.

In an Instagram post on April 5, as noted by Soompi, Gary Kang posted a random photo of a shrubbery against the backdrop of a blue sky with the caption, "I tied the knot with someone I love today. We didn't have a wedding ceremony. We had a quiet agreement ceremony between just the two of us. My wife is not a celebrity, but she moved my soul in an instant. I know this marriage announcement is surprising news but please give us your blessings! We will live happily forever. From Kang Gary."

Viewers knew that Running Man PDs had sent Kim Jong-kook on a blind date with a non-celebrity woman, who had expressed desire for a second date with the singer. But it seems, nobody knew about Gary's mystery lady. A Soompi article notes that none of Gary's 'Running Man' friends knew of the singer's marriage. "No one knew about Gary's marriage. [Everyone] was shocked to hear the news," sources from the SBS variety program were quoted by Soompi as saying.

Another source close to Gary said, as reported by Soompi, that Gary hadn't informed even his close acquaintances. "I had no idea. I was very surprised to see the post on his social media account. He hadn't told any of his close acquaintances and staff about his relationship, let alone his marriage," while another source revealed, "Many of his celebrity friends seem to have been shocked as well. They say they had no idea," the source revealed.

As reported by Allkpop, many of Gary's contacts were shocked hearing the sudden news. One of them said, "I didn't know about Gary's marriage. Gary is usually private about these kinds of matters and doesn't like to go public about them." As regards Gary's non-celebrity wife, the acquaintance said, "I don't know what kind of person she is."

It seems that perhaps it was only Gary's family and his in-laws who knew of the wedding. A few have even commented on social media that Gary's marriage seems rushed. Others think Gary may have eloped with his non-celebrity lady-love and exchanged quick vows. Then there are others who joked that perhaps Gary's lady-love was pregnant, hence the rush.

Gary's agency, Leessang Company also had no idea that their star was no longer a bachelor. "We did not know about Gary's marriage. We were notified right before [he uploaded the post]. We have nothing in particular to say as his agency, and the information on his Instagram post is all," a source from Leessang was quoted as saying.

Another representative from Gary's agency said, "I was shocked by Gary's marriage news. Gary normally doesn't tell us about his private life, but I didn't know he would hide his marriage from us," adding, "We don't know who his wife is. His manager and stylist also said they didn't know." The rep added, "We thought it was a belated April fool's joke. However, he [Gary] said it was the truth."

All that matters is whether Gary oppa is happy. He stole the hearts of countless fans on 'Running Man' after teaming up with Song Ji-hyo as the Monday Couple. Their chemistry was so real and lovely that fans wanted them to be a couple in real life. Regrettably, that did not turn out to be the case.

Following Gary's departure from 'Running Man' last year the show also changed for the worse. Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook were removed unceremoniously and then brought back. Gary also made a surprise comeback to 'Running Man' but the 'Monday Couple' chemistry between him and Ji-hyo was much tamer.

It now seems as if Gary and Song Ji-hyo were just colleagues, or friends, nothing more. Even if there was anything between them in reality we'd probably never know. Song Ji-hyo and the other 'Running Man' members who worked with Gary have yet to comment on the marriage of their long-time colleague and friend.

This article was first published on April 5, 2017