Gary deletes Instagram post announcing marriage: Running Man gets worst ever viewership ratings!

Gary replaced his original post announcing his marriage with a simple thank you note.

Kang Gary
Rapper Gary Kang.

On April 5, Gary Kang's sudden announcement of marriage shocked fans and friends of the rapper. Now the ex-Running Man member made a even stranger move by deleting his earlier marriage announcement on Instagram.

Website Allkpop reports that Gary took down his marriage announcement post from his official Instagram page on April 8, and instead made a new post, simply saying, "Thank you for your warm words."

The post appears as a beautiful photo of a lake with trees in the background. It is not clear why Gary suddenly decided to take down his original post.

Soon after Gary had announced that he had married a non-showbiz woman, his Running man colleagues said they had no idea of Gary's nuptials. Many close friends and acquaintances also expressed shock that the rapper chose to remain tight-lipped about the whole affair. However, some added that Gary is an incredibly private person, though they were still surprised with Gary not informing them about such an important step in his life.

One of the reasons behind Gary deleting his original marriage announcement could be because of the comments he received. Many had expressed shock; some were asking him the name of the bride, even questioning why it wasn't Song Ji-hyo. Being the private person he is, Gary may have felt disturbed by some of the comments and deleted his post and instead just decided to thank those who had wished him and his wife a happy married life.

It is quite understandable that Gary wanted very few to know about the details of his marriage, which is why it was an extremely private affair with no lavish wedding ceremony, as he mentioned on his original post. He certainly did not want to tell any of his Running Man colleagues or social media about how and why his wedding took place the way it did, or who his bride was.

There is not even a single photo to be found of Gary and his bride, nor even any evidence of him having dated anyone prior his marriage. Perhaps it was a very short courtship and they decided on spending the rest of their lives together.

As for his ex-Running man mates, they are having some tough time as the show dipped to its lowest ever in ratings for the April 9 episode. As per AGB Nielsen Korea, the first half of that episode recorded a mere 2.8 percent, while the second half climbed only to 3.4 percent. Soompi notes that this is much lower than the April 2 episode whose first half recorded 2.8 percent while the second half gathered 5.1 percent in ratings.

Soompi notes that the latest's episode's ratings is the worst ever viewership record for the show that has been running successfully for the past seven years. 'Running man' recently added two permanent members to the show, namely comedian Yang Se-chan and actress Jung So-min to help boost the show's viewership. The duo reportedly left a strong impression in the minds of the show's producers. However, it seems that long-time fans of the show may not be taking well to the newly introduced members.

With the old cast there was a surety for the audience and a trust. Having worked together for so many years together, there was chemistry between the members; a time tested and well accepted dynamic. Viewers and fans knew about the personalities of the likes of Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, Yoo Jae-suk, Haha and Ji Suk-jin and knew how each would react to one another. That dynamic is now shaken up inevitably by the arrival of two new members.

The original group may not have the same level of comfort with the new duo and that may show in the program. Hopefully, the Running Man members and the audience gets used to the new dynamic and the ratings should go back up again soon.

This article was first published on April 10, 2017
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