Running Man ratings climb up again; Yang Se Chan reveals how he became permanent member of the show

'Running Man' ratings climb 2 percent higher on April 16 episode.

Running Man
The cast of SBS's 'Running Man.' Running Man

SBS's 'Running Man' introduced two new members, comedian Yang Se-chan and actress Jun So-min, in the latest April 16 episode of the show. It was then revealed that Yang Se-chan was added to the main cast of the variety show on Kim Jong-kook's recommendation. The ratings for the show have climbed back up once again, as well.

Website Soompi notes that on the April 16 episode, following the introduction of Yang Se-chan and Jun So-min to 'Running Man,' Kim Jong-kook revealed that it was he who became instrumental in making Se-chan a permanent member of 'Running Man.' "I really liked Yang Se Chan so I used all the strength I got from working out [just to recruit him]," Kim Jong Kook said. To this, Ji Suk-jin joked, "That's why [Yang Se Chan] was about to not make it onto the show."

Kim Jong-kook also revealed that the production staff of 'Running Man' had initially thought Yang Se-chan may have bought his way in on the show. "That's true. [The staff] thought Yang Se Chan had bribed me," Jong-kook said. Kim Jong-kook is known for being a kind and helpful person. He was recently pictured being very protective of his mother while visiting Vietnam.

The ratings have recovered slightly for the April 16 episode, with 5.4 percent in nationwide rankings, as per AGB Nielsen Korea. This is a 2 percent increase from the April 9 episode, which garnered an abysmally low 3.4 percent viewership.

'Running Man' was experiencing some down time of late. Part of the reason for this is the introduction of new members and the new type of game shows which many fans are finding boring. This became evident from many of the comments on the official websites of 'Running Man' where fans expressed disinterest in the two new members.

Another reason may have been the confusion surrounding the developments regarding Gary's recent marriage announcement, which very few knew was happening, including close friends and acquaintances. It didn't help that Gary then took down the original wedding announcement from his Instagram profile and also decided to disband from his label Leessang.

The next episode of 'Running Man' will air on April 23 on SBS network. In this episode, the cast will spread out across islands in three different countries, namely Jeju Island in South Korea, Taiwan in China and Osaka in Honshu, Japan.

This article was first published on April 17, 2017