Rapper Gary Kang deletes all past posts from his Instagram account

Only three new posts about his Malaysia concert cancellation remain.

Gary Kang
Rapper Gary Kang in 'Running Man.' facebook.com/런닝맨 RunningMan

Ex-Running Man member and rapper Gary Kang has deleted all of his past posts from his official Instagram account. Only three new posts regarding his cancelled Malaysia concert, remain. Obviously, no posts about his marriage can be found anymore on the rapper's official page kang_gary8888.

It seems that Gary, or whoever manages his Instagram account, recently deleted all past posts, some of which included his wedding announcement, thanking fans for their support and also information regarding his various tours across Asia.

Gary's recent behaviour on social media has been noticed by others as well. He announced marriage on Instagram, shocking friends and acquaintances alike, who had no idea of such a development taking place. However, the 39-year-old rapper quickly deleted his wedding announcement and replaced it with a thank you note to his fans and followers for support. Following this, he also disbanded from Leessang, his label.

None of his 'Running Man' buddies, including Song Ji-hyo, who was a close friend and also the other half of the 'Monday Couple' with Gary knew about his marriage. Ji-hyo recently addressed the issue of Gary's sudden marriage in a Malaysia fan meet of 'Running Man.' She said everyone in the variety show was a bit disappointed that Gary, despite being a part of the team for the last seven years, did not tell them about his wedding.

However, she wished him well, saying "I sincerely congratulate him on his marriage and I hope he will live happily." Interestingly, both Ji-hyo and Haha said they couldn't reach Gary by phone; that he had changed his number. Song Ji-hyo asked Gary to give her his new number, while Haha was optimistic that Gary would contact them soon and everything will go back to normal once again. But his recent activities suggest Gary might just be trying to cut off ties to the past, especially with his 'Running Man' buddies.

It isn't known why Gary chose to delete his old phone number and not inform his friends about it. He may be ignoring them; he may not be. Everything hangs in the air until Gary decides to provide some clarification.

This article was first published on April 27, 2017