'Running Man' member Kim Jong-kook reveals devotion to mother during recent Vietnam trip

Kim Jong-kook also shot an episode of 'Running Man' at Vietnam.

Kim Jong Kook
Kim Jong-kook in episode 343 of 'Running Man.' instagram.com/sbs_runningman_sbs

Everyone knows singer Kim Jong-kook 'Sparta' is a strong man and a fierce competitor, in addition to being a loyal friend. Now photos of Kim Jong-kook's Vietnam visit reveal he's also a devoted son to his mother.

Website Hellokpop points out that a number of stills have appeared on a Facebook page of Kim Jong-kook's fans in Vietnam, called Kim Jong Kook VietFans, which feature the 'Running Man' team member with his mother, walking on the Nguyen Hue streets of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. This is Kim Jong-kook's first visit to Ho Chi Minh City, it as noted.

Hellokpop website reports that the 40-year old singer was in Vietnam to shoot a reality television show called 'Let's Go With Mom.' It was also learned that Kim Jong-kook arrived with his 'Running Man' cast members at Vietnam's capital of Hanoi to shoot an episode of the variety show there. The mother and son duo also visited Bến Tre city, which is situated in the Mekong Delta area of southern Vietnam.

Kim Jong-kook appears very protective of his mother as can be seen from the adorable photos posted on the fan page. They even took part in a number of activities together such as rowing a boat, visiting a bee farm where he took a selfie with his obviously excited mom holding up a bee-hive. In the other pictures the two can be seen visiting the popular Bến Tre market area with Jong-kook holding his mother's hand to guide her through the shops. They can also be seen having food in a cafe surrounded by lush tropical greenery.

What is very touching is Kim Jong-kook appears really happy to be able to travel with his mother and sharing these beautiful memories with her. It's no doubt a special bond and Kim Jong-kook appears as a truly special and devoted son. This shouldn't really be surprising given how gentlemanly Kim Jong-kook has always been on 'Running Man.'

From looking after the only woman in the variety show, Song Ji-hyo, to treating guests in the show with utmost attention, and ensuring their comfort, Kim Jong-kook has shown himself to be a helpful and kind person. Jong-kook's mother must be very proud of her son.

In related news, Kim Jong-kook's ex-Running Man colleague Gary Kang revealed on his Instagram page that he had got married. It was reported that none of the 'Running Man' members knew of his relationship, much less marriage to a non-celebrity woman. Even most of Gary's close friends had no idea of the rapper getting married and expressed shock. Gary also disbanded from leessang a day following his marriage announcement. Gary has yet to comment on his recent controversial announcements.

This article was first published on April 8, 2017