Leessang disbandment: Is Gary Kang cutting off all past ties following secret marriage?

Gary and Gil had had already established their own labels, which are Yangbans Nation and magic Mansion respectively

Rapper Gary Kang has parted ways with singer Gil Seong-joon with whom he formed the hip hop duo Leessang. The news comes a day after it was learned that the rapper had got married to a non-celebrity without informing many friends and acquaintances. This has led some to speculate whether Gary is cutting off ties to his past.

Website Soompi reported to have learnt from another news outlet that Leessang's Gary and Gil had parted ways. The outlet also claimed that all the employees at Leessang Company left as well. An ex-employee of Leessang, however, added, "The employees have left the company, but the company itself has not closed down. Leessang may continue to work together. I don't know whether they've disbanded or not, and it's not something I can say."

Interestingly, in a January article by Koreaboo, it was stated that Gil and Gary were in the process of closing their business and had already enlisted their building up for sale. It seems that the ex-employee of Leessang might not be aware of the internal developments of the company.

Kang Gary
Rapper Gary Kang. instagram.com/kang_gary8888

Gary and Gil had had already established their own labels, which are Yangbans Nation and magic Mansion respectively. A statement released by Leessang Company in April, last year, stated: "After Leessang Company's establishment five years ago, the duo will be branching off and opening their own labels," as noted in an earlier Soompi article.

It seems strange hearing of Gary's secret marriage and then learning of his disbanding from Leessang. When one takes into account that almost none of his close friends and acquaintances knew of Gary's marriage plans or even the identity of his wife, it appears he deliberately didn't want to tell anyone. The reason behind Gary's secrecy is unknown.

As previously learned, none of his 'Running Man' friends and colleagues knew of his wedding. Some were reportedly shocked that Gary would hide his marriage from them. Now with news of his disbanding from Leessang, it appears as if Gary is choosing to cut off ties to his past and start afresh, as some have commented on social media.

On 'Running Man' Gary and Song Ji-hyo were known as the 'Monday Couple' for their lovely chemistry on the show. Fans wished they'd become a real-life couple but that did not happen. Gary decided to leave 'Running Man' to concentrate on his music career.

Gary had made a comeback on the November 13 episode of 'Running Man' and proposed marriage to Ji-hyo but she had rejected it. Whether the proposal was genuine or just a part of the Monday Couple act isn't totally clear. This is so because in an interview with Chinese Media, as reported by Soompi, Gary had said about him and Song Ji-hyo, "We have been appearing on 'Running Man' together for six years, so it is not awkward to tease each other. There is certainly an element of fiction in all of us, but not all of it is fake and we enjoy the process."

In any case, whether Gary truly wants to cut ties with his past life or not is something only the Rapper knows and thus, it would be wise not to expect a definitive answer from him regarding such a speculation. It is very much likely that being a private but a very popular celebrity, Gary didn't want the media's spotlight on his bride, whose identity remains unknown.

As for the news of Leessang's disbandment a day after Gary's marriage announcement, it may just be poorly timed and has nothing to do with this life event of his. It is possible that once the media reports die down, Gary will invite all his Running Man mates along with close acquaintances, friends in the industry and have a big laugh about it all over drinks and food. However, Gary is yet to make any comment regarding his two recent life-changing announcements.

Check out the MV for Gary's 'Lonely Night' track starring Song Ji-hyo from Leessang Company below.

This article was first published on April 6, 2017
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