Herbert Sim

Artificial Intelligence Meets Blockchain: Solidus AI Tech Wins Investment from 'Bitcoin Man' Herbert Sim

Solidus AI Tech eco-friendly High Performance Computing (HPC) data centre and its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform where Governmental Authorities, Megacorps, SMEs, Professionals, Metaverse and Play2Earn projects will be able to purchase Artificial Intelligence services and High Performance Computing Power seamlessly with the AITECH token
Aug 9, 2022
By IBT Desk
HZM Coin

A Guide on How the HZM Coin Works

HZM coin uses a more reliable and secure alternative to traditional coin transactions. Its peer-to-peer decision-making process protects user anonymity and increases security
Jul 25, 2022
By IBT Desk
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NORDEK Launches "NORDEK Finnovate" - A $10 Million Grant Program Revolutionizing Web3 Payments

By IBT Desk