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Taylor Swift Recent Deepfake Images of Pop Icon Taylor Swift were Part of an Online AI challange that aimed breaking safety mechanisms designed to block people from generating lewd images with artificial intelligence. It prompt political action as calls to criminalize AI-generated pornography gain momentum. Graphika analysis reveals broader vulnerability of public figures to non-consensual intimate images
23 days ago
By Anshul Panda
deepfake scam A sophisticated scam utilizing deepfake technology has defrauded a multinational company of $25.6 million, with the culprit impersonating the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) during a video call to deceive employees into transferring funds to fake accounts. This marks the first reported instance of deepfake technology being employed to defraud a financial institution
24 days ago
By Anshul Panda
Taylor Swift Global singing icon Taylor Swift faced a distressing situation involving Deepfake technology, sparking online protests from her fan base and drawing sharp reactions from the White House. The incident began when Twitter user @Real_Nafu used Deepfake technology to create explicit images of Swift, prompting widespread condemnation and the emergence of the "Protect Taylor Swift" movement.
Jan 28, 2024
By Anshul Panda