Cihan Sasmaz Reveals His First Cryptocurrency Investment Experiences

Cihan Sasmaz

Cihan Sasmaz is the CEO of, a cross-chain social media platform offering various NFT services to creators, traders, and players. He is also the founder of companies like Rentarto, UseMyTicketBro, Ciosk GmbH, and Imperium Consulting UG.

His journey began as an entrepreneur at the early age of 18. Over the years, Cihan has developed team building and market analysis skills for companies and products in different industries. He decided to start because of his interest in the crypto market.

Initially, Cihan figured that someone would copy Bitcoin's technology, but he soon realized it wasn't possible. He spent numerous hours reading and understanding the workings of blockchain technology. His previous experiences in investing in different cryptocurrencies, which gave him faith in the technology, resulted in the start of his own company that supports the development of new crypto and NFTs.

Cihan's stint as an investor

After an extensive study on blockchain technology, Cihan finally decided to invest in crypto. "When I invested $30,000 in Miner, I had big plans for my future crypto-mining business. I bought Bitmain and Whatsminer products and was confident I would soon make a profit. However, after just two months, I realized that mining crypto in Germany was not as profitable as I had hoped. The price of electricity was much higher than the value of the mined tokens, making it difficult to turn a profit. As a result, I was frustrated and was looking for an alternative to make money in this industry. Finally, I realized that although mining crypto may be profitable in other parts of the world, it simply isn't viable in Germany."

The determination to continue mining

Cihan mined approximately $2,000 in different tokens. He also invested in other coins, one of which was Dogecoin. "My decision to invest in Dogecoin was undoubtedly profitable. I invested $200 and stored the coins in my hardware wallet. After that, I took a break from the crypto space."

"2021 was when there was a lot of hype around SHIBA, DOGE, and BTC. It immediately struck me that I had invested in a few DOGE coins back in the day. When I checked my wallet, I saw that my $200 investment in DOGE was now worth $40,000 - this was enough proof that money was to be made in this crypto. So I decided to set up my own crypto company, MetaRuffy International FZCO."

With MetaRuffy, Cihan has created a world where entertainment meets the metaverse. You will find multiple entertainment sectors in this virtual world, such as concerts, live shows, cinemas, dating islands, entertainment clubs, NFT marketplace, social gaming centers, resorts, and pubs. In addition, Cihan has plans for future developments which encompass options to co-create in-game assets that you and other RuffyWorld members of the community can conceive, create, and love. In short, it will provide a platform for people to get together and share their ideas and build something new and innovative in the metaverse.