Wemade's Success Story: From Game Developer to Blockchain Investment Giant


Wemade, the leading South Korean game publisher, is best known for its globally acclaimed MMORPG Legend of Mir series that was first launched over two decades ago.

In addition to its core business, Wemade also focuses on metaverse and blockchain technology with an emphasis on developing and servicing well-made games. Consequently, Wemade created "Wemix", a game-centric blockchain platform (with 14 Play & Earn titles). The platform's services include a WEMIX Wallet, an NFT auction & marketplace, staking, and more, all based on its utility coin WEMIX.

Wemade has reportedly made 22 investments in the blockchain sector in the first half of 2022 alone, according to a public announcement on July 13th. The company's investment portfolio covers gaming and non-gaming projects and includes metaverse, DeFi, machineFi, game development, digital content, etc.

ALTAVA and FANC are two of many examples of unique projects with high growth potential that Wemade recently invested in.

In March 2022 Wemade first made a strategic investment in ALTAVA's utility token "TAVA". A few months later, TAVA was listed on Bithumb on July 6th and attracted the attention of many coin investors during its first day of trading.

ALTAVA's successful listing was executed during the "Crypto Winter" with widespread fear in the space. The successful listing is largely credited to not only the quality of its project and global vision but also to the participation of blue-chip strategic investors. Wemade's investment in ALTAVA was one of its numerous efforts to nurture the rapidly developing blockchain ecosystem.

Wemade has invested in other exceptional blockchain-related projects. On June 7th, the company announced a new strategic investment in FANC. FANC is the utility token used in CELEBe, the only short-form platform developed in South Korea. The company aims to establish a "creators economy" in which creators and viewers can earn FANC tokens through its reward program, Watch to Earn (W2E).

This is a new concept that rewards creators who upload content and users who watch the same content, which is different from general Create to Earn (C2E) services in which only creators gain economic benefits.

CELEBe has engaged in aggressive marketing activities with South Korea's top K-celebrities, using BLACKPINK's Jisoo as their main model and partnering with e-sports team T1, famous for its ace player, Faker.

The company continuously improves its ecosystem to provide more diverse blockchain-based services such as access to exclusive NFT content created by influencers, metaverse, staking (DeFi), etc.

FANC was listed on MEXC on July 19th with a starting price of $1.2. It quickly rose to $7.499, which represented a 625% increase, and closed at $3.903 with a $3.57M 24 hours trading volume. These figures indicate strong interest from coin investors.

Wemade has been actively expanding its ecosystem in close cooperation with blockchain projects, especially those that contain actual use values. This is because the company believes the utility is the key to blockchain investments and to the sustainability of its ecosystem regardless of market conditions. Indeed, investors and blockchain communities are paying close attention to Wemade's next strategic moves on investments and partnerships as they signal to the world crypto's next hit project.