'Boris-Trump' cartoons: Shocking but there are many similarities making rounds on social media

Similarities between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump

Over the years several reports and thousands of social media posts showed the bonding between UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Donald Trump, due to many similarities between them. People have also come up with terms such as "BorisTrump" and "BritainTrump."

The similarities between Trump and Johnson are as clear as the straw-coloured birds' nests on both their heads as both rode waves of right-wing populism to their position at the top of their respective nations' governments.

In terms of personal life too, the two share similarities as Trump has been married three times, while Johnson has been divorced twice and has a child born of an extramarital affair, according to Esquire report.

People also point out that while Trump makes sexual, racist and Islamophobic comments, Johnson is not far behind from his American friend in making such remarks. Johnson too has a history of making bigoted and hateful statements. In his column in 2002, he wrote of black "piccaninnies" and Congolese "tribal warriors" with "watermelon smiles."

He also penned a column assessing physical appearances of women — one of whom he dubbed "hotty totty" at a party conference, and has also deemed Islam "a problem".

Both the leaders share mutual views on many different issues such as that of immigration, securing their countries borders, and protectionism.

Here are some recently posted comic images of both the leaders:

Trump has often rallied against climate change, calling global warming a "hoax" and defended his decision to pull out from the Paris Accord.

As per The Guardian, the Police Federation and members of British parliament criticised Downing Street for politicising the police by using uniformed officers as the backdrop for a heavily partisan speech, a move much similar to Trump's. John Apter, the national chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, "I am surprised that police officers were used as a backdrop for a political speech in this way."

Calling Johnson a "friend", Trump said of his Prime Ministership, "He's tough and he's smart."

"They're saying, 'Britain Trump.' They call him, 'Britain Trump,' and people are saying that's a good thing. They like me over there," Esquire reported Trump as saying.

Body language expert Judi James analyzed their exchange and she told Express.co.uk that the two leaders appeared to be "mirroring" each other's behaviour at the G7 meeting in France, with Boris, in particular, making it clear whose side he wanted to be seen on. No wonder, it soon reflected in Zanetti Cartoons as below: