Climate change is not just a fact but set to become a key issue in US Elections

climate change
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Almost everyday experts and researchers are trying to make people aware about climate change through their studies. Recent findings also revealed that the climate is changing faster now compared to any point in the past 2000 years and the examples are in front of our eyes.

The Carolina Tiger Rescue announced that a 17-year-old female lion died at a North Carolina animal sanctuary due to last week's heatwave. The lion was in the facility since 2010 and died after serious heat exhaustion caused its organs fail.

Here it should be mentioned that as per the recent findings which published on July 24 in the journals Nature and Nature Geoscience, the warm period known as the Medieval Climate Anomaly or any other famous shift, never had the global reach that modern climate change is having.

The study stated that "at the height of the Medieval Climate Anomaly, only 40 percent of Earth's surface reached peak temperatures at the same time. Using the same metrics, global warming today is unparalleled: for 98% of the planet's surface, the warmest period of the Common Era occurred in the late twentieth century."

The young generation of our world, the students have put themselves at the forefront of the fight against climate change. A global movement called Climate Strikes has spread to more than 130 countries to get politicians to treat climate change as an "emergency." The Swede teenager Greta Thunberg started a movement by skipping schools for three weeks to sit on the steps of the Swedish parliament, demanding that the Sweden government take action to reduce the emissions which cause global warming.

Since then almost 3,500 climate strikes have taken place all over the world and there are minimum 1,100 more planned to be organised.

Are these making any impact? The answer is, Yes.

As a result, the UK parliament has declared a symbolic climate change "emergency" in May and soon after that France, Canada and Ireland have all formally recognised a climate crisis.

But US President Donald Trump has made his idea about the concept of global warming known to the world for long and his followers also believe that the climate change is a big hoax.

Now that UK's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is being labelled as an enemy of climate change and an ally of Trump, once stated, "I want now to unleash the same entrepreneurial drive and creative genius to achieve what is now the 21st century's environmental imperative, to cut carbon output and secure the city's energy supply, whilst making services more efficient and better value for money."

But now, has has openly criticized Trump's public comments regarding climate change and the administration's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, though he made it clear that the issue of global warming does not rank high on his agenda.

In his acceptance speech, Johnson said, "We are going to get Brexit done on October 31" and "We are going to energize the country," but what he never mentioned is climate change. Even the Conservative Party's website doesn't mention this issue.

Thanks to Trumps outrageous social media posts against the climate change and the facts related to global warming, now Democrats in the US are set to take this issue forward during 2020 Presidential Election Campaign, h it oping that it would emerge as a truly key issue in the 2020 general election.

This article was first published on July 26, 2019
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