US Woman Gives Birth to Triplets After Suffering From Coronavirus

Sillero underwent five coronavirus tests and the result of the test before her delivery turned out to be negative

A Houston-based woman recently gave birth to three healthy babies after having an encounter with the deadly coronavirus or COVID-19, while carrying the children. The mother of the triplet contracted the virus during her trimester and had to spend quite some time treating the deadly novel virus.

The woman named Maggie Sillero had the experience of getting shocked and excited when she got to know that she was going to give birth to a triplet. Having three babies inside her body, the symptoms increased and the pregnancy was deemed to be a very risky one.

Sillero Tested Positive for COVID-19

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"One week into my pregnancy I could actually feel something was changing, and I think that I just felt everything so intensely this pregnancy because there were three. My pregnancy symptoms were tripled," Sillerov told Good Morning America. During the 28th week into pregnancy, she had to get admitted to the Woman's Hospital of Texas, so her unborn children can be closely monitored. During that time she went through a routine coronavirus test and her results came back as positive.

This became a huge concern for Sillero as she had no idea from where she contracted the virus and how her children are going to get affected by it. For a month, Sillero went through five additional tests, and the one just before she delivered, much to her relief, tested negative. The mother delivered two boys and a girl who have doubled their weight in a month. The children have been named Isabella, Nathaniel, and Adriel, as they turned a month old.

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times and is currently spreading like wildfire in the US with the number of daily cases increasing every day. The country has the highest number of cases in the world with the figures exceeded three million people till now.

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