Ricky Martin Restraining Order: Singer's Nephew Filed For Protection in Puerto Rica, Suggests Newspaper

The order mentioned that the accuser directly filed for a protection order due to a possibility of 'immediate risk of abuse'

Latin pop singer Ricky Martin has been accused of domestic abuse by an alleged victim who is not his husband. A restraining order was filed against the singer in Puerto Rico and the police are currently locating his whereabouts.

Law enforcement revealed that instead of filing an official complaint with the police, the accuser directly went to the court requesting a protection order.

Police Spokesman Axel Valencia said that after the order was filed on Friday, the officers went to Martin's residence to serve him but they did not find him there, Telemundo reported.

Ricky Martin Allegations

In an official statement, the law enforcement authorities confirmed that the restraining order falls under the LAW 54 statute, which covers domestic violence. As per the nature of the law and the order filed, the identity of the victim cannot not be revealed.

A Puerto Rican newspaper, El Vocero, which claims to have gained access to a copy of the order, managed to uncover some details of the case, not yet released by the police.

The newspaper states that the victim and the Grammy award winner were in a relationship for 7 months but broke up two months ago. Apparently reports suggest that Martin was seen 'lurking' near the victim's house several times.

As per the order, the singer had not really accepted the breakup and spent the last two months harassing the victim. This is why the victim directly approached the court for a restraining order, El Vocero reported.

Ricky Martin Allegations

When the case made it to social media, the tabloid sparked a heavy discussion after claiming that it was the singer's nephew who hit him with a restraining order. Martin's loyal fan base came to his defense trashing the idea of him dating his nephew.

"I HAVE to know what is happening with Ricky Martin, all of the s**t about his nephew seems to be just rumors", one user wrote.

"There is literally nothing that says Ricky Martin was with his nephew. Where tf y'all getting these rumors?" another added.

"Unless you can cite your sources, stop spreading misinformation abt Ricky Martin. Saying that he abused his minor nephew propagates the rgt wing notion that gay men are pedos and ought to be feared. Stop it." a third commented.

Ricky Martin Allegations
Martin with husband Jwan Yosef Twitter

The representatives of the Latin pop singer, who is married to Syrian-Swedish painter Jwan Yosef since 2017, have denied all the allegations calling them 'false and fabricated.'

"We are very confident that when the true facts come out in this matter our client Ricky Martin will be fully vindicated," they told People.

The news of restraining order comes just days after Martin was sued for $3 million in unpaid commissions by his ex-manager Rebecca Drucker, who was forced to resigned in April 2022.

In a 15-page complaint the singer was accused of promoting a 'toxic work environment' wherein he used to 'mistreat and manipulate' Drucker leaving her no option but to quit.