Tesla Faces Lawsuit Over Racial Discrimination Against Former and Current Black Employees

The employees were tormented with words like "n****r", "slavery" or "plantation," according to the lawsuit.

A racial discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Elon Musk's Tesla after a group of Black employees said that they were subjected to offensive racist comments by their colleagues.

According to the 15 former and current Black employees the harassment occurred mostly at Fremont factory in California. Along with their colleagues, the managers and human resource employees also made derogatory remarks against them, as per Reuters.

The lawsuit filed at a California state court alleges that the workers were tormented by words like
Apart from this, they were allocated work that required heavy physical labor at the factories and were often disregarded when it came to promotions.

Tesla Lawsuit

This is not the first time the EV maker company has been hit with racial abuse lawsuits. Last year, in October a former Black contractor was subjected to racial discrimination at Tesla, hence a federal jury in San Francisco ordered the company to pay him $137 million. When Tesla contested the claims the amount was dropped to $15 million, The Guardian reported.

Responding to the accusations, Tesla's Vice President of People Valerie Capers Workman, released an official statement in the same month stating that "racial slurs (including the n-word)" were utilized in a very "friendly" manner in Fremont.

The EV manufacturer is currently facing at least 10 lawsuits alleging sexual and/or racial harassment.

Tesla Lawsuit

This year in February a suit was filed by a California civil rights agency, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing which claimed that Tesla discriminated and 'segregated' workers of color to low-ranking positions.

The most recent one was in June, by a shareholder who accused Musk and the board of directors of harboring a toxic work environment and ignoring the worker's complaints.

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