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street marketing Jay Conrad Levinson said We have seen the pros and cons of street marketing; now let's see what we must consider to carry it out and thus avoid problems. In its flexibility
Oct 30, 2021
Nord Stream Russia is already Europe's biggest gas supplier, but once running, Nord Stream 2 will add a significant boost to the annual 170 billion cubic metres that enter the bloc through Poland, Ukraine, and Czechia, and Slovakia pipelines.
Oct 29, 2021
Leonardo Glauso Leonardo Glauso said I worked as a fashion photographer for agencies and magazines. It was the creative atmosphere that I founded Resuer Magazine, an international fashion magazine
Oct 28, 2021
The high tech space Google is set to power all of its data centers and campuses with completely carbon-free power by 2030. Even smaller tech firms are being urged to step up to the challenge
Oct 27, 2021