OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Marries Best Friend Oliver Mulherin in Close-knit Ceremony

The ceremony was officiated by Sam's brother Jack Altman, founder of Lattice

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (38) and close friend Oliver Mulherin (30) have officially become life partners in an intimate Hawaiian ceremony near Altman's island residence. The joyous announcement was shared on Instagram by Mulherin, expressing love for his "best friend."

The ceremony, officiated by Sam's brother Jack Altman, founder of Lattice, highlighted the strong family ties.

Sam Altman married
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman got married to his best friend Oliver Mulherin in an intimate ceremony.

Altman had expressed his desire to begin a family during an interview with New York magazine. He also shared that despite being a vegetarian himself, his partner held a different dietary preference and favored beef. The newlyweds celebrated in matching attire, adorned in white shirts, light beige pants, and white sneakers. Notably, Altman had previously mentioned their desire to start a family.

Mulherin, a software engineering graduate from the University of Melbourne, boasts expertise in AI and Internet-of-Things (IoT), having worked on projects related to language detection. The tech community, including figures like Lauren Sanchez and tech entrepreneurs such as Alexandr Wang, Shervin Pishevar, Zen Matoshi, and Adrian Aoun, showered the couple with warm wishes upon the Instagram announcement.

While no official statement has been released by any source, there is a buzz on X/Twitter as a series of photos hint at the completion of the event. The relationship became public knowledge relatively recently. Altman and Mulhorin first caught attention last year when they were seen together at a White House state dinner. Following an interview with the OpenAI CEO, the New York magazine reported that the two were observed residing together in San Francisco and spending weekends at a California ranch.

Before his involvement with Oliver, Sam was in a romantic relationship with Nick Silvo, whom he encountered during their time at Stanford University. The duo remained together for nearly nine years, starting from their college days. Although they initially intended to marry, they eventually separated in 2012, despite the ongoing success of the company they had jointly established.