OCN's Duel releases new chilling teaser: The hunt for clone begins on June

Duel is scheduled to premiere on June 3, replacing the currently airing Tunnel ends its run.

Duel Twitter

OCN's upcoming human-clone-pursuit-thriller drama, Duel released another teaser ramping up their promo.

The story of the drama mainly revolves around two clones who are on opposing sides- good and evil and a veteran detective whose daughter has been kidnapped. Dramabeans mentioned that Jung Jae Young is the detective who is on the hunt for his daughter.

The said teaser opens up with a tender moment between Jung Jae Young and his daughter. He can be seen sitting beside her in an ambulance, and the scene soon takes a turn as Yang Se Jong attacks her by bursting into the ambulance, seeking to drug him. However, Jung Jae Young manages to rip the mask off the clone before he succumbed to the drug.

After he comes to his senses, he finds that his daughter has disappeared. He starts his hunt through subway trains, flies off bridges in search of the clone. Both good and the bad clone appear hinting at the common conflict of the drama.

Kim Jung-eun who plays the elite prosecutor makes a brief appearance saying, "Let's conceal this case." On the other side, Jung Jae Young is heard yelling, "My daughter is alive! She is definitely alive!" It is difficult to say from the teaser whether his daughter is alive or not but definitely he believes so.

Apart from the teaser, OCN also released a bevy of posters and images showcasing each actor in their roles like in the Jung Jae Young's poster it's written, "Until I find my daughter, you can't die, even if you want to."

The poster of Kim Jung-eun, playing the role of an ambitious prosecutor reads, "I will do anything to keep my position as prosecutor."

Yang Se Jong gets two posters for obvious reasons - one for the good clone and the other for the bad one. The good clone's poster reads, "Someone who looks just like me made me a murderer," whereas the bad clone's reads, "I decided to be evil. To get revenge, to live."

Duel is scheduled to premiere on June 3, replacing the currently airing Tunnel ends its run.

This article was first published on May 19, 2017