Bride of the Water God: tvN drama reveals broadcasting plans, drama to follow 'Circle'

A source confirmed the said drama is scheduled to air in mid-July following 'Circle.'

New tvN drama 'Bride of the Water God' will reportedly air on Mondays and Tuesdays. According to Soompi, a source confirmed the said drama is scheduled to air in mid-July following 'Circle.'

The story of the tvN new drama is all set in a fantasy world. According to the reports, the story is of a village where the inhabitants sacrifice young women to water God because the village has been plagued by many years of drought.

One of the young women sacrificed becomes his bride, and complications start. Well, the drama is said to be a spinoff version and is not a direct remake. The plan is to keep the characters original and rework on the setting mainly to a modern one. It is to be set in Seoul.

Weightlifting Fairy's Nam Joo Hyuk is to play the lead role in tvN's upcoming fantasy drama, Bride of the Water God. In the show, the actor will play The Water God Ha Baek, a temperamental deity who takes the most delightful woman as his bride in exchange of rain. Shin Se Kyung is to play the female lead and Gong Myung to play Biryeom.

Actor Gong Myung previously revealed that his role in the upcoming movie will be of a God, Biryeom, who lives among humans. According to Soompi, he stated, "In the past, I played mostly 'daily life' characters, so it was easy to find references for the roles. I could actually observe people living that life."

He further added, "But this time, you have to read the scenario and become part of an imaginary world. It is difficult, but it's also fun. It feels like I'm becoming a part of that world."

Actors Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Im Joo Hwan, Gong Myung, and Krystal are currently filming for the said drama.