Yoochun criticized for throwing away fan's gift immediately after receiving it

Yoochun is being criticized for not appreciating the effort she put in it to make it for him.

Yoochun Twitter

JYJ's Yoochun reportedly asked his manger to throw away a gift given by a fan. The video of the same started circulating on the internet making the fans angry.

According to Koreaboo, an old video of a 2014's fan signing event resurfaced where Yoochun is seen sitting and soon after signing a fan's album, the fan is seen giving a badge to him that she made herself as a gift. Yoochun, after receiving it asks "What is this?" and studies it for a while. He then utters the word "boryeo (버려)" which means "throw it away".

Fans are shocked at his rude behaviour, and the singer is now being criticized for not appreciating the effort she put in it to make it for him.

In other news, Dispatch recently released exclusive photos of JYJ's Yoochun and his fiancée, Hwang Hana. Last month, Yoochun made the sudden announcement of the marriage to a non-celebrity woman.

The woman was initially known to be the CEO of a shopping mall and the youngest daughter of a Food Corporation's founder but the woman denied all such claims. The woman updated her Instagram with a message, stating, "Haha it's only the morning and what is all this... Maybe I should close my Instagram...sigh...there are so many problems with reporters hahahahahahaha So I guess I had a boyfriend for 1 year hahaha."

He woman further mentioned, "Also, I apparently have a shopping mall hahaha I didn't even know that! Wow !! I really want to become a shopping mall owner hahahaha I've never run a shopping mall before. These articles are not true, it's so surprising."

However, on May 11 the couple was spotted in front of a restaurant in Gangnam. According to Dispatch, he invited his fiancee Hwang Hana to have dinner with his friends. While taking a smoking break, Hwang Hana walked out with Yoochun and the two freely expressed love for each other.

This article was first published on May 16, 2017