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MBC's new upcoming drama, "Lookout" is all set to air on May 22 and prior to it, they released three new teasers.

According to Soompi, all the three teasers are captivating, given their 'tragic yet action packed storyline'. The drama revolves around Cho Su Ji who plays the role of a single mother who lost her daughter. Kim Young Kwang plays the role of a young prosecutor and the other actors of the cast include SHINee's Key and Kim Seul Gi.

In the first teaser of the drama Cho Su Ji can be heard whispering, "I will keep my promise this time." In the next scenes, Su Ji is seem running away and Jang Do Han is lying on the floor, wounded.

In the second teaser, the action-thriller side of "Lookout" is revealed as Cho Su Ji is seen speeding with a motorbike through the city, jumps off a window, and ends up getting involved in a car accident.

In the third teaser, Cho Su Ji is seen at her own daughter's funeral. Cho Su Ji cries out saying, "Why did you do it?" while she points a gun to a school boy and hinting that there are complicated reasons behind the death of her daughter. The teaser ends with Cho Su Ji's voice where she vows to catch the murderer of her daughter.

The teasers have got a gritty and stylish vibe. Overall, it was engaging, intense and pretty fast-paced. MBC's Lookout will follow Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People.

It is to air every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST and the first episode is scheduled to air on May 22.