Tunnel Youtube/OCN

OCN is putting up some amazing shows one after another this year. The last weekend thriller Voice became a hit in terms of critical praise as well as viewership ratings. In fact, it broke ratings record which was previously held by Police Unit 38. Now, the currently airing drama Tunnel which followed up Voice has broken the record again and it became the new highest-rated drama in the history of the channel.

The Choi Jin-hyuk starrer drama, Tunnel's success deserves a reward and they have been promised so. The entire cast and crew of the drama will be going on a reward vacation Guam at the end of May.

In the time-travel drama, Choi Jin-hyuk plays the role of a homicide detective of 1980s who time-travels to the present. The drama started off with a strong at 2.8% ratings gradually it gained critical praise and broke the highest rating record set by Voice of 5.637%. Tunnel's Episode 14 brought in 6.3% average ratings (and peaked at 7.1%), dramabeans mentioned.

In other news, OCN's weekend slot is reportedly planned till the end of this year. Recently, the channel announced a new drama "Black" that is to air in their weekend spot is scheduled for October broadcast.

According to dramabeans, the new drama is from screenwriter Choi Ran, who also wrote popular dramas like Iljimae and God's Gift–14 Days.

Tunnel will finish its run on May 21, after it ends, Clone thriller Duel will follow, the next scheduled drama is Rescue Me starring Taecyeon (Bring It On, Ghost) and Seo Ye-ji (Hwarang). After it finishes its run, Bad Guys spinoff will take its place. It seems like 2017 weekends will be quite packed by some quality thrillers.