Pocari Sweat Marathon: Event staff was spotted taking inappropriate photos of TWICE, man explains why he did so!

At the Pocari Sweat marathon event, a man was spotted taking pictures of TWICE's legs when they arrived for the event

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A a man was spotted taking pictures of TWICE's legs when they arrived for the Pocari Sweat marathon event.

The person in question, was an event staff, and as the man inside the barricades he was able to see TWICE up close. In the video obtained by Koreaboo, the man was caught attempting to take TWICE members' underskirt or leg photos as they were walking by.

Recently, the man accused of taking the inappropriate photos of TWICE allegedly revealed the excuse for his actions.

A man posted on TWICE's DC Inside gallery and claimed to be the said event staff member. He titled the post, "I Am The Controversial Person In The TWICE Video." He explained the reason as to why he took the photo the way he did.

In the post the man said, "First of all, I want to address that this is a complete misunderstanding. At the time, I had held my phone for such a long time that my hand was hurting for awhile. I had already taken many photos of TWICE and I was simply resting my hand down while they were coming."

The event staff member further went on to explain, "When I saw the TWICE members coming, I took a few photos in portrait mode. Like I said, I took many photos before but they were from far away. Since they were coming my way, I decided to take a few photos that were closer in distance. This is the truth and I just want to say one more time that is a misunderstanding. I am a ONCE too. I am a TWICE fan."

The man also apologized and said that he would have been angry himself if he would have seen something like that but it was a mere misunderstanding.

He concluded by saying, "I understand everyone being angry and I would be angry too but this is a complete misunderstanding. Lastly, I just want to express that I feel very sorry about all this."

However, no official statement has been made yet about the inappropriate action neither by JYP Entertainment nor by Pocari Sweat.

Apart from this incident, the rest of the event was a huge success and thousands of fans and runners attended the Pocari marathon.

This article was first published on May 15, 2017