Indian-Origin Couple Along With Twin Sons Found Dead inside $2.1 Million Mansion

Incident bear resemblance to a recent case where a wealthy Indian-origin couple and their teenage daughter were discovered deceased.

In a tragic incident unfolding in California, an Indian-origin family from Kerala was discovered dead in their residence, with authorities suspecting a grim case of murder-suicide. The victims have been identified as Anand Sujith Henry, 42, his wife Alice Priyanka, 40, and their 4-year-old twin children Noah and Neithan.

family found dead

The discovery was made after a concerned relative initiated a welfare check as attempts to reach the family went unanswered. Law enforcement officers responding to the call found the bodies of Anand and Alice, each with gunshot wounds, in the bathroom, while the lifeless bodies of the twin children were found in a bedroom. Investigations into the cause of the children's deaths are ongoing.

San Mateo police revealed that upon arrival, officers observed no signs of forced entry into the home. They gained access through an unlocked window and uncovered the tragic scene. A 9mm pistol along with a loaded magazine was retrieved from the bathroom. Records indicate that the couple had acquired the property in 2020 for $2.1 million.

Initial assessments by authorities point towards a potential murder-suicide scenario, although other possibilities have not been ruled out. The San Mateo police department assured the public that there is no apparent threat to safety outside the home.

The deceased family, originally hailing from Kerala, had been residing in the United States for the past nine years. Anand, employed as a software engineer, and Alice, serving as a senior analyst, had relocated from New Jersey to San Mateo County two years ago. Described as amiable, diligent, and dedicated parents, the couple had garnered respect and admiration from both neighbors and colleagues.

According to court documents, Anand had initiated divorce proceedings in December 2016, although the separation did not materialize legally.

The investigation has been taken over by San Mateo County's Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) in conjunction with the San Mateo County Crime Lab for evidence collection. The bodies have been entrusted to the San Mateo County Coroner for positive identification and notification of next of kin.

This grim occurrence bears resemblance to a recent case where a wealthy Indian-origin couple and their teenage daughter were discovered deceased in their $5 million mansion in Massachusetts.

In the past month, a troubling trend has emerged with at least seven Indian-origin individuals being found dead in the US. US envoy to India Eric Garcetti has affirmed the commitment to ensuring the safety of Indian students in the United States.