Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend's Shooting: San Antonio Police Release Video of "Persons of Interest"

Victims were found in the car with gunshot wounds

In a significant development, the San Antonio police have made public a video featuring two individuals considered "persons of interest" in the tragic shooting deaths of 18-year-old Savanah Soto and her 22-year-old boyfriend, Matthew Guerra.

The couple went missing a day before Soto's scheduled labor induction, as reported by CrimeOnline. Their lifeless bodies were discovered on Tuesday inside Guerra's car, prompting the police to treat the case as homicides, though Police Chief William McManus has not ruled out the possibility of a murder-suicide.

Savanah Soto murder

Chief McManus released the video during a press briefing on Thursday, shedding light on the activities of the individuals captured a few days before the victims were found. The Chief refrained from specifying the exact location of the recording but mentioned its proximity to where the bodies were discovered.

According to McManus, the video shows the driver of Guerra's gray Kia Optima seemingly using an object to wipe down the side of the car, although certainty remains elusive. The released footage includes a dark-colored Chevy Silverado with a bed cover, driven by another person. Police emphasized that the video was shot "nearby where the bodies were found."

McManus stated that investigators believe the video shows the Kia driver engaging in an activity on the car's side, but definitive conclusions are yet to be drawn. Importantly, the police do not believe the Kia's driver was either Soto or Guerra. McManus declined to comment on the status of the couple at the time of the recording.

The video unfolds with the truck pulling up alongside a fence, potentially in an apartment parking lot, and the Kia approaching from the opposite direction. Both drivers exit their vehicles, perform an unspecified task on the Kia, and subsequently return to their respective vehicles before driving away.

McManus confirmed that the victims found in the car had gunshot wounds, identifying Guerra as one of them. The second victim, believed to be Savanah Soto, is pending positive identification. Notably, police suspect the couple was killed elsewhere, with their car later driven to the northwestern San Antonio apartment complex, where it was ultimately discovered after several days.

Detectives are actively scrutinizing surveillance footage in the area and examining social media and cell phone records to trace the couple's movements since their last sighting. The police are dedicated to unraveling the circumstances leading to this tragic incident as the investigation intensifies.