Bigfoot Researchers Strongly Suspect the Mysterious Creature to Be Living in The United Kingdom

Bigfoot enthusiasts conducted their research by taking into account the folklore of Sasquatches and eyewitness accounts of human-like figures spotted in the woods.

With a steady rise in the number of Bigfoot sightings in England, the field researchers of a popular American TV show Finding Bigfoot strongly believe that as per topography, the apish creature is most probably living in the UK.

The first ever evidence of this theory can be traced back to 2015 when the Finding Bigfoot team began their investigation into the rich folklore of Sasquatches and eerie reports of strange human-like figures spotted in the woods.

In the same year, a Bigfoot enthusiast from Newcastle, Neil Young was hiking through the coniferous forest when he snapped a picture of what he believes was the mythical creature running through the trees.

Bigfoot UK
Neil Young Screengrab

Conversing with the Finding Bigfoot team he said that while walking on the trail he heard some ape-like noises and branches breaking. When Young wished to explore the region he saw a mysterious figure speeding through the trees, The Daily Star reported.

"I stopped because I could hear the vocals and branches snapping and sure enough, someone ran across. The figure was just completely one color. [It walked] very fluently, a little bit of arm swing, I could see two legs so it was definitely a figure," he explained.

Young also added that he discovered a dead sheep nearby with no legs and neck snapped. It had all of its "innards taken out."

Bigfoot UK
Finding Bigfoot team Twitter

Another resident of Newcastle, Neil Robson stated that he has encountered a Sasquatch in Northumberland. Describing his experience, Robson recalled that one day he was walking back to his car from the Bolam Lake Country Park when he felt like he was being watched.

Sure enough an 11ft tall and roughly 5ft wide hairy figure with "two bright green eyes" had been staring at him.

"I headed off as fast as my legs could carry us, I was away as fast as I could, it was just so, so real. I didn't know what it was but it fits the description of a Sasquatch." He said.

Apart from spotting the creature, some have also reported its footprints and claw marks. In Cannock Chase District of Staffordshire, Lee Brickley a resident discovered the 16 inches long footprints.

Bigfoot UK
Bolam Lake, Northemberland Twitter

Adding that almost 12 sightings have been made in the region since 2019, Brickley said that by looking at the large tracks he was sure that the creature is not a myth, as per the Daily Star.

"I was astounded… I'd never seen a footprint that large in my life, and it was clearly not made using a mould or cast, that is probably the moment I realised the Cannock Chase Bigfoot was more than just a myth," he explained.

Despite a majority of reports coming from the United States, the researchers believe that the creature could be living in the UK. Another possible location can be UK's biggest national park, Cairngorms National Park and Caledonian Forest of Scotland.

Bigfoot UK
Ben Macdui Twitter

This is also because Cairngorms is home to Ben Macdui, the second-highest mountain in all of British Isles.

Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman believes that if the mythical creature is in the UK, it would most probably reside on the mountain. This is because, according to a popular Scottish legend, summit and passes of Ben Macdui are haunted by the presence of the Am Fear Liath Mòr a.k.a. 'The Big Grey Man.'