FACT CHECK: Is the 'Bigfoot Chases Man on ATV' in the Woods Viral Video Real?

Many started believing that the mythical creature was actually captured on camera but the video failed to convince most as there were several discrepancies.

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A video has gone viral on TikTok that shows Bigfoot chasing a man driving a vehicle through the woods. The video carried the caption: 'Bigfoot Chases Man on ATV?" Those who watched the video quickly started pointing out several issues with the video, with some claiming it to be true.

However, many were took it seriously started finding out answers to clear their doubt if the claims are real. Since then the TikTok video has been a hot topic of discussion on social media, with many even finding out major faults with the purported video of the Bigfoot.

Strange Claims

Screenshot from the viral video Twitter

The viral video opens, which was posted on June 20, opens with two men driving a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) through the woods. It then shows a caption that reads: "Notice the tree, trying to block the road?" As the men chat, an unknown thing can be felt moving through the woods, which then purportedly appears to be a Bigfoot which then starts chasing the vehicle.

The men then increase the speed of the UTV as the Bigfoot continues to chase them till the video ends. Since then many have been trying to find out the source of the video and if it really happened what was the locations. However, nothing could be determined.

In fact, many started believing that the mythical creature was actually captured on camera but nothing concrete could be established.

Several Discrepancies

The video showing the purported Bigfoot Twitter

The moment the video started doing the rounds, several people started pointing our glaring issues with the purported sasquatch video. "That's a UTV, not an ATV," one TikTok user wrote. Others had doubts if the video was staged with actors.

Many started casting their doubts right after the caption that read: "Notice the tree, trying to block the road?" One TikTok user wrote, "Notice the tree has clearly been down for a while because there was already a trail around it, genius."

The TikTok users observation as correct as there clear tire tracks around the tree, which proves that somebody had already been on a vehicle at that spot earlier and the two men on the UTV weren't the first ones there. Many immediately started claiming that the entire video was staged with the Bigfoot being an actor in a suit.

One even mocked that the Bigfoot is just 5'10, where as the creature as described in many books is claimed to be about 9-10 feet tall. The fact that the person operating the camera during the chase happened to show Bigfoot at the perfect moment was also criticized. "That cameraman had perfect timing, didn't he," a commenter posted. Another user said: "Wow. I've never seen a Bigfoot motion-activated camera!"

Some even jokingly asked why the Bigfoot was chasing the men in the vehicle, to which one replied that "he's probably chasing them so that he can talk with them about their extended car warranty."

One also pointed that the Bigfoot's feet were white. "Anyone notice how white the bottom of Bigfoot's shoes was," one person asked. "Bigfoot wearing white Nikes," another commenter posted.

It isn't unknown that there have been several stories about the mythical creature for decades but no one has actually seen it. Has it really been the Bigfoot, it would have attracted widespread media coverage but no such report could be found in any media newspaper or website. Hence it can once again be concluded that the entire video was too shoddy and failed to convince people.