Bigfoot Sighted, Or is it Free-Roaming Gorilla? New Frenzy Over Mythical Creature as Intriguing Photos Surface

A Facebook page called Bigfoot Believers recently posted two pictures of supposed 'Sasquatch' and once again started the controversial discussion of whether it the creature is a myth or is it just a huge gorilla.

The very active discussion was started by the user who first posted the pictures said that the trail camera which captured the images was found at least a 100 yards away from where it was originally placed. He believes that the creature "doubled back" and ripped the camera from the tree.

According to the Daily Star, the Sasquatch believer community has since been circulating the pictures and speculating the existence of the creature. The most recent post was made on an Instagram page bigfootevidence, with the caption: "Bears don't have legs that long!?!? What do we think, folks?"

Bigfoot spotted
The image which started the discussion Twitter

The debate saw many users agreeing with the notion, concluding that the arms of the creature were too long for it to pass off as a bear. Each had their own theories to prove that it was not a black grizzly. A few even thought of it as a 'free-roaming gorilla' while others were of the opinion that it might not be either.

"The front arms just don't seem to be bear-like, nor the head," one person wrote.

"If it was a bear you'd see it's claws on the back feet. But you see toes!" another user said.

"Not a bear. A bear would have no knowledge of being photographed and then tear down the camera," a third chimed in.

The rest of them were firm believers that there was no mythical creature. Elaborating on the typical behavior of the wild animal, some pointed out that they are 'very destructive creatures' hence they can 'tear up' cameras, stands and even feeders.

Representational image / Pixabay

"It is a bear in my opinion, look at the trailing foot. Also they like the insulation on the trail cam housing, it smells like ants to them," another explained.

"It's a bear with its back paw outstretched. If you've seen a thinner bear you would know," agreed a third.

As more and more users joined in with their hypothesis, it remains to be seen who won the debate. The on-going discussion however, suggests that many more theories will continue to emerge in the future and hopefully prompt an in-depth investigation on the possible existence of the mythical beast.

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