Chernobyl workers saw mysterious flying 'Mothman' before 1986 nuclear accident

Chernobyl nuclear plant
Chernobyl nuclear plant Pixabay

The Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion that happened in 1986 is widely considered as the most catastrophic manmade disaster. Now, fresh reports have claimed that Chernobyl nuclear plant workers had witnessed Mothman, a mythical creature flying above the nuclear reactor before the deadly explosion.

The eyewitnesses reveal that the flying creature had large wings with a headless body and they claim that these were all signs of a bad omen before the disaster.

Robert Maxwell, an archaeologist who recently visited the Chernobyl explosion site reveals that several nuclear reactor workers have informed him regarding the Mothman sighting before the tragedy.


"The legend states in the days leading up to April 26, 1986, that a supernatural creature was sighted in the sky over Chernobyl by many of the men in the control room. They also claimed to have seen this terrifying creature just before the explosion," Maxwell, reports.

"According to the legend, rumours went through the ranks of Chernobyl, that five employees had seen a large, dark headless creature with gigantic wings and fire red eyes," he added.

Maxwell also mentioned that people who witnessed Mothman started seeing horrific dreams and they even got threatening anonymous phone calls.

After witnessing the Mothman in the skies, workers of the nuclear reactor apparently informed it to higher officials, but they had nothing to with these sightings, and finally, the reactor number four of the power plant exploded on April 26. Within two days, the entire city of Pripyat was evacuated.

The explosion triggered the release of substantial amounts of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere causing widespread health issues among people living nearby. The estimated financial damage caused by the explosion is approximately $235 billion.

Stories about Mothman initially graced the headlines from November 1966 to December 1967. People claim that these sightings end after the collapse of the Silver Bridge that killed 46 people.