Is bigfoot real? Mysterious roar of strange animal captured in US forest

Rain Forest

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Nv Tv' has released an eerie video which has now turned out to be the hottest point of debate among conspiracy theorists. The video shows the visuals of a dense forest, and in the backdrop, we can hear the mysterious roar of a strange animal.

The conspiracy theory channel claims that the area where cameras were installed is reportedly a hotspot of Bigfoot sightings, and they argue that the roar of the animal heard on the video could be produced by the mythical animal which is popular in folklore.

"The camera in this footage was set up on a tripod and it was left running on its own for a few hours in a hotspot where Bigfoot was seen and heard many times. What you are about to hear are very real angry screams of a Bigfoot. It seems like the Bigfoot does not like the idea of the camera being in its forest. The screams are very close to the camera mic as if letting someone know that it is not happy at all," wrote the uploader of the video.

In the initial moments, some howls can be heard before an angry roar bellows through the depths of the forests. Soon, a second roar can be heard, and at this time, it seems that the roar was very near to the camera. Viewers can also hear heavy breathing sounds after this strange howl. In the final moments, a rustle of leaves can be heard, which clearly indicates that the mysterious being is somewhere near the camera. In the midst of these growls, an apparently light voice of another animal can also be heard in the video.

The video uploaded by 'Nv Tv' soon went viral, and audiences were quick to speculate what the mysterious roar could be. Most of the viewers who watched the video strongly argued that Bigfoot is a real creature which used to roam in the inner regions of the forests. As per these people, human interference in these forest depths has irked Bigfoot, and that is why it made such terrifying roars.

"There's no way that was human. That was a deep guttural growl that's made by the common North American Sasquatch," commented T765, a YouTube user.

"Of course he's pissed. How would you feel if someone put up a camera in your backyard? If people want to get closer to Sasquatch they have to start treating them with the respect they deserve," commented Claudius Rex, another YouTuber.

"That is TOTALLY BELIEVABLE!! I wonder what kind of creature is making the other sounds ... a younger bigfoot? with an angry and intolerant father? around. If it was a different species, I doubt that it would be alive to make ANY sounds, or, if alive, it would, probably, be "frozen" in fear and not able to make any sounds," argued Faye Brown, a YouTube user.

This article was first published on August 10, 2018