Man Claims to Have Filmed Bigfoot Walking Across North American Forest, Shares Footage

Connor Flynn, a Bigfoot enthusiast, shared a video he shot on TikTok, which shows a strange and bulky creature walk across the North American forests in the middle of the night.

Flynn's TikTok handle which goes by the name @bigfootanonymous shows a dark shaped creature at the left-side of the frame and appears to be walking on four legs and seems to be looking out for something in the woods.

Representational image / Pixabay

However, since the footage is shot in a black and white camera and during the dead of the night, the vision on the screen is not clear and gives room to conspiracy theorists to weave their own story.

While some claim Flynn has indeed captured footage of Bigfoot, the others are divided on the issue and claimed that the creature in the video could be a Werewolf and is out during the full moon day in search of a prey. Even Flynn had captioned the video on his TikTok handle as ''Werewolf or sasquatch?''

For the uninitiated, Sasquatch is another name for Bigfoot, which many believe is a mythical beast-like creature and some firmly believe is lurking across the forests of North America and hides when it spots a human.

Bigfoot spotted in North American forests
TikTok / Bigfootanonymous

Flynn's strange video was viewed more than 15,000 times within hours after he posted it and the comments section ended up being a debate as each user had a different take on the creature. ''Dogman/Wolfman. It has to be a wolf/canine-like beast because of the way it crawls and the 3/4 profile. Its strides are slightly different than apes,'' said a user.

Another user stated that he saw a Werewolf back in 1972 and the creature resembles in Flynn's video. ''What I seen in 1972 was a 7ft werewolf and never want to see it again you can't go back to innocence after you see these things THEY ARE REAL. That's a wolf... correction that's a werewolf.''

A third commented that he came close to a Bigfoot in 1965 and at first thought it was a Gorilla let lose but realized that it's the mythical creature indeed. ''I came within one foot of Bigfoot for years I thought it was a gorilla that got loose, 1965.''