Texas Teen Mom Murder: On - Off Boyfriend Arrested in Oak Cliff, Shocking Revelations Unfold

Texas teen Ikea Imari Hood was fatally shot just weeks after giving birth

In a recent killing of the Texas teen mom that shocked everyone, her "on-again-off-again" boyfriend has been apprehended. Trevon Wright, 17, was arrested on Monday by the US Marshals Task Force and transported to the Dallas County Jail, according to information released by Dallas police. Texas teen Ikea Imari Hood was fatally shot just weeks after giving birth.

Texas teen murdered

Wright now faces charges of murder in connection with the death of 17-year-old Ikea Imari Hood. The unfortunate incident occurred at a residence in the southeast section of Oak Cliff on a Sunday morning, where Hood was found shot and killed.

The arrest sheds light on the complexities of Hood and Wright's relationship, which spanned over the last two years, as revealed in an arrest affidavit. Details from the affidavit further reveal that Hood, a junior at Lancaster High School and a member of the Tigerette Drill Team, had recently discovered that Wright was not the father of her newborn daughter. She had planned to disclose this information to him on January 7. Wright, who had initially believed he was the father, learned otherwise, according to the arrest documents.

Hood's boyfriend Wright
17-year-old Ikea Hood's on-and-off boyfriend Wright is apprehended for allegedly killing her

Hood's mother informed investigators that she discovered her daughter in her locked bedroom with a gunshot wound after noticing an open window with a pushed-out screen. The investigation also discloses that Hood, aspiring to dance at the collegiate level, leaves behind seven siblings. Local NBC 5 reported her mother's account of Hood being delighted to be a mother. Sister Jalaya Williams shared memories, stating, "Goofy, funny, she always had us laughing. Kea was a celebrity! She was everything."

Ikea Hood

Details surrounding Wright's apprehension remain undisclosed by the police, including information about any recovered weapon. As of now, Wright is in custody with a bond set at $500,000. The community is left grappling with the aftermath of this tragic event, and investigations into the circumstances are ongoing.