Song Ji-hyo has the 'prettiest bare face in Korea'; Actress gushes about Gong Myung

Actress calls co-host Gong Myung 'handsome.'

SOng Ji-hyo and Gong Myung
Song Ji-hyo and Gong Myung pose for new show 'Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View.'

Actress Song Ji-Hyo, who has warmed hearts with her participation in SBS's variety show 'Running Man', has been declared as the 'prettiest bare face in Korea' by the program director of her new show 'Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View.' She also opened up about working with actor Gong Myung on the beauty show.

As reported by Allkpop, during a press conference for JTBC2's upcoming beauty show 'Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View,' on January 18, the show's program director (PD) Lee Min Woo revealed the reason behind choosing beloved 'Running Man' host Song Ji-hyo as the chief Master of Ceremonies (MC) of the show and having it be focussed on her. "Song Ji Hyo is an actress with the prettiest bare face in Korea. Her honest image on variety shows was also commendable. She said during a meeting before we cast her that she knew nothing about beauty, but I empathized with that," he said.

All those who have been following the variety show 'Running Man' on SBS, especially Song Ji-Hyo's fans, would know that the 'Emergency Couple' star is one of the brightest spots in the program. Her genuine smile, playful personality and kind nature are the reasons why many continue to love her. When she was facing tough times after the showrunners of 'Running Man' removed her and her co-cast member Kim Jong-kook, her fans supported her immensely and demanded removal of Gong Hee-chul, the PD who had reportedly removed the actress without informing her beforehand. Ji-Hyo and Jong Kook were brought back to the show on public demand.

At the press conference, Song Ji-hyo also spoke about her experience co-hosting the beauty program in her name with actor Gong Myung. "I knew Gong Myung but it was the first time that I actually talked to him," she said. In December, last year, it was revealed that Song Ji-hyo was starting a new show of her own with Gong Myung as her co-host.

Ji-hyo spoke affectionately about Myung and addressed him as her little brother, as quoted by another Allkpop article. "He's a friend who's brighter than I thought, and he really feels like a little brother to me; I think because of our age gap. While filming together, he was very quick and had a great sense of humor. He's a really good guy. Now, we've become close enough that we joke around a lot. He's a really handsome, pretty dongsaeng," she said. We can't wait to see Ji-hyo in her new role.

The PD of the new beauty show also spoke about Gong Myung, saying he "will make viewers empathize with him by giving off a real life boyfriend feel and learning from the show" adding "His chemistry [with Song Ji Hyo] was a little awkward at first but they're getting better and better."

'Running Man' is on its last legs. In the last episode that was aired on January 15, Kim Jong-kook, Ji-hyo's co-star, had a successful date with a lovely lady, who wanted to have a second date with the singer. It was part of the current 'Member's Week' on the show. The episode preceding that was focussed on Song Ji-hyo. Both of them have been romantically paired briefly on 'Running Man,' where it was predicted by fortune tellers that Jong-kook should marry Ji-hyo as she would be his ideal partner.

This article was first published on January 18, 2017