Breaking: 'Running Man' actor Song Ji Hyo starting a new show of her own

Actor Gong Myung and fashion designer Katiacho will be co-hosts.

Song Ji Hyo
SongJihyo at Very Korean Katiacho Fashion Show.

Only on Wednesday we learned that actress and model Song Ji Hyo had appeared in the magazine 'Singles' looking chic in casuals, moving on from her 'Running Man' controversy. Now it has been revealed that the actress is starting her own TV variety show, January 2017 onwards. reports that the South Korean actress will be hosting her own beauty program at JTBC network simply titled 'Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View.' Joining her on the show as fellow Master of Ceremonies (MC) will be actor Gong Myung and fashion designer Katiacho.

The show seems like a perfect fit for the actress who herself is so beautiful, both as a person with kind heart and sweet nature, as well as in physical attributes. Maybe she'll share a tip or two about her youthful face and fit figure on the new show.

This will indeed be inspiring to all her legions of female fans. However, her male fans should not be disappointed as surely there will be beauty tips for men as well; shared by various industry experts who will be invited on the show.

Website Allkpop also reported an official statement from Gong Myung's agency Fantagio Entertainment saying that the show will be a new platform for the 22-year old actor. "It's his first time being the MC of a beauty program but it'll be an opportunity for him to show a new side, as he has great motivation," the statement read.

Gong Myung is a surprise choice as a beauty show host. He is mostly known for his work in television dramas and films as well as other variety shows like 'We Got Married' and 'Law of the Jungle.' He recently appeared in the comedy series titled 'Drinking Solo' which started airing from September this year. Gong Myung has been a part of other dramas like 'Splendid politics,' 'Beautiful You' and 'Entertainer.' He has also appeared in five films, including 'Futureless Things,' 'A Girl at My Door' and 'Su Saek.'

As for Song Ji Hyo, Yibada points out that this is her first variety program other than 'Running Man.' Her fans can relax knowing they won't need to worry about not seeing their beloved actress again. Now they know that something fresh is emerging from under all the gloom of 'Running Man.' Ji Hyo really seems determined not to let one disappointment ruin her days ahead. She appears to be marching forward, towards new territories, quite aggressively.

Both Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook were removed from 'Running Man' unjustly. It was PD Gong Hee Chul who removed them without informing them. Television show host Kang Ho-dong decided not to join the show after learning about this. And though the SBS producers realised their mistake and called Ji Hyo and Jong Kook back, they cancelled the show. Now it will have its final airing in February 2017.

This article was first published on December 22, 2016