Gong Myung reveals how dating woman 6 years older shaped view on age and relationship

Says he is a straightforward person.

Gong Myung
Gong Myung in 'We Got Married' season 4. youtube.com/MBCentertainment

South Korean actor Gong Myung recently opened up on his approach to relationships and dating, saying he doesn't discriminate people based on age in his relationships.

In an interview with 'Grazia' magazine, as quoted by website Allkpop, Gong Myung said "I'm straightforward. I'm not the type to calculate things when it comes to dating. I also don't care about age. I've dated someone who's 6 years older than me in the past."

His comments indeed show a progressive mindset, rather than an old-fashioned one, when it comes to gender equations. Gong Myung also revealed that he is more of an extrovert; he likes to mingle with others rather than contain himself. "I'm the type that easily approaches people, and I'm casual with skinship. My personality is not timid, so I tend to approach people first even when I don't know them," he said.

It becomes clear that Gong Myung is a free spirited individual who likes to carve his own path. Indeed, 2016 was a good year for him, despite the demise of so many celebrities, like the lovely and spirited Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia in the 'Star Wars' films, who died this Tuesday.

"2016 was a year of independence. I stopped living in the dorms with my members and started living on my own. In productions, I played a crucial role for the first time in 'Drinking Alone,'" the actor said.

Myung added "I can't say that I'm now completely capable of standing alone, but I'm confident that I can become that way from now on." Of course one does not need to remain alone to become capable of standing alone. In fact, having a loved one around for support makes one stronger. The fans certainly hope that Gong Myung finds that special person in his life, whether it is Jung Hye Sung of "We Got Married" or someone else.

Regarding his career, he said he wants to be a workaholic actor. "I want to be acting continuously and properly for a long time," Gong Myung added. He will also take part in 'Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View' as an MC of the show alongside the 'Running Man' actor and fashion designer Katiacho.

This article was first published on December 30, 2016