Running Man's Song Ji Hyo to marry Kim Jong Kook or Lee Kwang Soo? Fortune teller reveals match-up

Tarot readings suggest they have most marriage compatibility.

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo in the New Year's Special episode of 'Running Man.' Running Man

'Spartace' shippers received a great gift on January 1 it seems, as a fortune teller visiting 'Running Man' said Kim Jong Kook's ideal partner would be Song Ji Hyo; that he has the most marriage compatibility with the actress. Other 'Running Man' members also began encouraging the two.

A traditional Korean 'Saju' consultant, or fortune teller and tarot reader came to the house of 'Running Man,' reading the fortunes of all the members. When Kim Jong Kook's turn arrived, the fortune teller asked the singer to follow Song Ji Hyo in life as a partner. He also predicted that Kim Jong Kook will have some exciting positive changes ahead in 2017 and will financially get stronger.

"Your marriage compatibility is 85 to 90 out of 100," the fortune teller said, as reported by Soompi. Everyone was surprised initially, including of course Kim Jong Kook. But then eventually the members started teasing the two, asking them to become a couple and get married. The two were asked, last December, to leave 'Running Man' without being informed of it earlier. They were subsequently brought back, but it was announced that the show will end in February this year.

Haha suggested the two members should wed each other because of what Kim Jong Kook's prophecy read earlier. He pointed out excitedly that Song Ji Hyo is rich, so marrying her would improve his financial situation this year, in line with what his fortune reading suggested. Lee Kwang Soo said "Gary would be sad if he saw this." Gary Kang and Song Ji Hyo were the "Monday Couple" before the former's departure from the show in November, last year.

However, fortune telling only goes so far when dependent on numbers and calculations as there can be infinite combinations possible. And that's exactly what happened. After tarot readings suggested Song Ji Hyo as Jong Kook's ideal partner, when it was her turn, the tarot card said Lee Kwang Soo would be Ji Hyo's ideal partner. This was quite strange considering Kwang Soo thinks of Ji Hyo as his "real older sister." Lee Kwang Soo has always acted like a loving brother to his "noona."

What was also interesting that, Yoo Jae Suk, was suggested as the ideal partner for Lee Kwang Soo. So, none of the original pairings were retained in subsequent readings. Each reading produced a different combination, never referring back one member to their previously predicted pair. Watch the clip here.

This article was first published on January 2, 2017