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Several reports have suggested that the MBC show "Infinite Challenge" might go on a short break in the end of January. Even the production crew of the MBC show were unable to confirm the said news, which has come in the wake of the cancellation of popular show Running Man.

According to a few South Korean news outlets, the MBC show "Infinite Challenge" will be going on a seven-week hiatus starting from Jan. 28, Saturday.

According to the reports, for three weeks, a new travel variety program will be releasing its pilot episodes during the MBC show's original timeslot. It is to be followed by a series of MBC show's special episodes that is to be aired for four weeks.

It was also reported that the hiatus will give the cast and crew of the show the much required rest. According to a Korean news outlet My Daily tried to contact the show's producing director Kim Tae Ho, but it was reported that showrunner is currently not available as he is out of the country.

The other crew members were interviewed but they didn't provide any clear answer about the show's alleged break. When they were asked they said that they cannot really confirm the news, they did not comment much on it, and said it is difficult to reveal their opinion about the hiatus.

However, previously, the show's producing director Kim Tae Ho took to social media to express that he wants to take a break, as reported by All Kpop. Kim Tae Ho also mentioned that he wants the cast and crew members of the show to relax and rest for some time.

In the meantime, MBC neither denied nor confirmed the reports of seven-week break. "Infinite Challenge" cast members did not even put their views regarding the said news. Fans will have to wait for official confirmation, till then nothing can be said much.

MBC show "Infinite Challenge" airs every Saturday on MBC.