Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in September after two years of marriage, ending a relationship that began in 2005 REUTERS/Andreas Rentz/Pool

Angelina Jolie is reportedly having a hard time moving on from Brad Pitt. The 41-year-old actress had filed for divorce from him on 19 September 2016 citing irreconcilable differences.

According to a report in National Enquirer, Jolie has stopped eating and drinking since their split. The website stated: "Skeletal and near death, Angelina Jolie could survive only by having liquid food suctioned through a tube snaked into her nose — and then stuffed down her stomach."

Skeletal and near death Angelina Jolie on 'hunger strike' after Brad Pitt divorce

The magazine claimed: "The unhinged and emaciated actress may be forced by handlers — and a private 24/7 physician — to succumb to the bizarre treatment after her weight plummeted below 76 pounds and she suffered a catastrophic collapse."

A source said: "Angie is so distraught over her breakup with Brad [Pitt] and the terrible public image she's gotten as a result, she's absolutely refused to eat! Her brutal divorce has pushed her to the edge. Now aides are insisting that she use the feeding tube to keep her from doing any further damage to her already fragile health!"

Meanwhile, Marion Cotillard was blamed for the couple's separation. The French actress and Pitt had worked together in the spy thriller Allied, and unfortunately, the Macbeth star's name was dragged into their split.

Scary skinny Angelina Jolie: Divorce taking a toll on actress' health?

In an interview on The Today Show, the pregnant actress responded to rumours that they were having an affair. She said: "I never take anything personally when it doesn't concern me. So I didn't take it personally because I had nothing to do with those rumors or situation... I don't give energy to this."