Goblin's Kim Go-eun pens handwritten letter to fans; talks about fate of Ji Eun-tak

Go-eun addresses the issue of Eun-tak's fate in the finale that left the viewers across the world in tears

Kim Go-eun
Actor Kim Go-eun. instagram.com/tvngoblin

The ending of tvN's 'Goblin' tore the hearts of countless fans into two with its final scenes. It was incredibly hard to watch the drama take such a sad turn, especially for Ji Eun-tak, though fans should have known better all along than to expect the typical happy ending. Regardless, the finale received the highest ratings and now actor Kim Go-eun has written a special message to her fans as well.

Website Koreaboo reports that Kim Go-eun, who played Ji Eun-tak, the Goblin's bride in the recently concluded tvN drama, has penned a handwritten letter thanking her fans for the tremendous love and support they showed to 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.' Her entertainment label HODU & U Entertainment, which she joined on August 16, last year, uploaded her letter on January 23.

In the letter Kim Go-eun expressed her thoughts about the ending of 'Goblin' and her experience in making it. "Thank you for supporting 'Goblin' and "Eun-tak" all this time. I still can't believe the drama has ended and now I feel like blowing a candle will make a goblin appear," she said, echoing the very feelings of numerous fans of the fantasy-romance drama.

"I am very happy for meeting "Eun Tak" through this drama; it was a very thankful winter," she continued. Then, Go-eun addressed the issue of Eun-tak's fate in the finale that left the viewers across the world in tears. "Also, '"Eun Tak' is living her second-life happily after meeting the goblin and I'm sure they are spending a very happy time together," she said, as if trying her best to comfort fans of her character. She also promised to 'always treasure the love' sent by her fans and 'become a Kim Go Eun that shows a better self.'

The 'Goblin' actor also added a postscript where she emphasised how wonderful her experience was, being part of the drama's production, that 'every moment was blindingly beautiful, adding "Because the weather was great, because the weather was terrible, because the weather was perfect...every day was amazing."

What's particularly touching about the letter except for the innocent and poignant words, is that it is handwritten on what appears to be an old yellow-ish page. It's these small things that tug at our heartstrings.

Both Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook had left their own special messages for fans, earlier. Now with Kim Go-eun having penned her letter, all we need is a special letter from actress Yoo In-na.

This article was first published on January 27, 2017