SHOCKING: Doctor Finds Cockroach Inside Woman's Vagina After She Rushed to Clinic Complaining of 'Extremely Strange' Feeling in Her Genitals

It is still unclear how the cockroach, which was reportedly dead before he removed it, ended up inside her genitals.

A gynecologist was left shocked to find a cockroach inside the vagina of a patient. The patient who has not been named came to the clinic in Honduras complaining of an "extremely strange" feeling coupled with excruciating pain in her vagina. The doctor examined her and was flabbergasted by the strange discovery.

The doctors said that the patient was also having trouble sleeping the night before and claimed that something "extremely strange" was happening inside her vagina. The cockroach which was lurking inside her genitals had to be removed and the woman was discharged. Although she has now recovered, the incident left the staff and doctors at the clinic shellshocked.

Shock of Her Life

Marco Calix
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The patient came to the clinic in Tegucigalpa, the country's capital, complaining of feeling "extremely restless, agitated and sweaty." Doctors were stunned when an examination revealed a dead cockroach inside her vagina.

"She said she had something unusual in her vagina," Dr. Marco Cálix, an ob-gyn based in Tegucigalpa told Jam Press, according to The New York Post.

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The gynecologist is a kind of a "doc star" in the online gynecological scene, often documenting his most extraordinary or alarming cases for his more than 386,000 followers on TikTok, where his posts have racked up 1.2 million likes.

A recent appointment, however, took things to a "whole other level," Cálix said.

A closer inspection of the woman's vagina showed the startling cause of her pain. The horrified doctor exclaimed, "When I introduced the speculum, I could see that it was an insect. "In fact, I had to take out something like a cockroach."

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The seasoned doctor had previously found everything from condoms to sex toys inside female reproductive systems, so this was a first.

It is still unclear how the cockroach, which was reportedly dead before he removed it, ended up inside her genitals.

Could Have Been More Complicated

According to the Orkin exterminators site, "cockroaches tend to prefer dark, moist places to hide and breed," and can "flatten their bodies to fit into narrow areas." Dr. Cálix did not say whether the patient sustained any injury or needed medical attention after the traumatic experience.

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Calix was fortunate to be able to remove the creature because putting an object within the vagina for an extended period of time might result in infections, tissue damage, and other problems.

Hence, the doctor advised patients to be alert for any unusual symptoms, such as odorous discharge, bleeding, swelling, or rashes. Women shouldn't be afraid to visit a doctor if they notice any problems in their nether areas, he advised.

Also, women frequently use boric acid, a common roach pesticide, on their sex organ to cure bacterial vaginosis, a condition that resembles a yeast infection and is marked by burning, discharge, and unpleasant odor.

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Doctors recommend this DIY remedy as a reliable backup plan in the event that conventional antibiotics don't work.

A cockroach isn't the first unlikely thing to end up in a woman's vagina. There have been several incidents of insects getting caught inside of people each year, and doctors at one hospital in Alabama say they deal with up to five of these cases annually.

Yet, this typically occurs in places like the ears.

A cockroach, which specialists say is the most typical insect to burrow into a person, is very uncommonly found inside the vagina.

Invading insects provide a risk because they may itch delicate tissue, such as that in the ear or vagina, leading to an infection.